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Safeguarding Your Child’s Transition to Adulthood

As a parent, I see my children as just that – children.  However, once your child reaches adulthood at 18, they have certain legal rights and you do not.  Thus, if your adult child is sick, injured, incapacitated or unable to address his or her legal affairs, unless they have the right pieces in place, you cannot help them.  As a parent, it can be terrifying sending your child to college knowing that if they are sick or injured, a doctor or hospital is not permitted to tell you anything about their condition.

While young adults, typically, do not need comprehensive estate plans, they do need to have documents in place in the event of such an event.  To address this problem, Gordon Law offers the Adulting Package.  The Adulting Package includes financial powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney, advance directives and HIPAA releases. 

Adulting Package

Generally, this package would be $1,500 but for graduation, we are offering it for $1,000.

This is a gift both for your child and for you.  We would love to help your family on your child’s adulting journey.


I have three “adult” children.  None of them anticipate any problems that their parents can’t fix.  However, unless they have documents in place, their parents cannot do anything to help them.  No doctor, no hospital, no bank, no power company etc. will give us any information to be able to fix things for them.  As we send them off to the world, it is terrifying what they don’t know and how they would be unable to get themselves out of a jam.  The price of peace of mind cannot be measured in dollars –  particularly if you have an unconscious child in a hospital with no advocate.

The thing about accidents is we don’t anticipate or plan them. The “adulting package” gives a bridge of protection for your children while they are figuring out their own paths.

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