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Renewal of Restrictions on Employers

As Covid-19 Rates Rise, Renewal of Restrictions on Employers

Unfortunately, due to the recent surge of Covid-19 infections and the underutilization of available vaccines, the Clark County Commission has instituted new restrictions on employers to help mitigate the spread of the virus.

Effective July 21, 2021, all employees who work within indoor public spaces operating within Clark County, Nevada are required to wear masks.  Additionally, all businesses are required to post and maintain signage recommending that all people wear masks.  Finally, crowded public settings and venues as well as grocery stores, malls and casinos are required to submit plans to Clark County’s Business License Department as to how they are going to keep their employees safe in light of the mask recommendations recently released by the Southern Nevada Health District.

As a reminder, special legislation was passed in Nevada to protect businesses against liability for injuries associated with Covid-19 injuries.  With the ever-changing restrictions, businesses must follow all controlling health standards.  “Controlling health standard” is defined as any federal, state, local law, rule, ordinance or written order.  Thus, the rule from Clark County must be followed to protect your business against liability.  In order to get the protection from liability, your business must show that it is in substantial compliance with the rules.  To prove substantial compliance, your business must establish policies and procedures to enforce and implement the controlling health standards.  In other words, you should have a written policy that adopts the Clark County rule and enforces it.

Businesses should be vigilant to protect their teams and to protect themselves against liability.

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