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Check Your Contracts

Check Your Contracts!

Many commercial contracts contain a “Force Majeure” clause which will excuse performance under the contract in certain circumstances.  These circumstances often include war, riot or other natural disaster.  While the current pandemic and efforts undertaken by government are unprecedented, you may be able to rely upon a Force Majeure contract to excuse your performance.  Be

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Nevada Legislature interferes with your business’ prevention of competition

As you are aware, Gordon Law has previously provided information on Nevada’s laws concerning covenants not to compete. (Please see https://gordonlawlv.com/id-tell-id-kill-sue-disclosing-trade-secrets-best-way-protect-business-trade-secrets/#.WT2gIGjyvD4.) However, at the eleventh hour, the Nevada Legislature has made material changes to the manner in which you can protect your business from competition from former employees. The provisions of AB 276 became enforceable


The negotiating mindset

Each and every day, in a multitude of ways, we all negotiate. Whether you are negotiating with your spouse, your child, your coworker or on a multi-million dollar contract, your mind goes through similar processes. Ultimately, you want a specific reaction or response and you have to engage in give-and-take to achieve it. Oftentimes, you

Non disclosure agreement

To disclose or not to disclose

TO DISCLOSE OR NOT TO DISCLOSE? The Question of Non-Disclosure Agreements If you are contemplating entering into a business relationship with someone, the first agreement you may encounter is a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). NDAs are used, among other times, when starting new businesses; acquiring new technology or other operational needs; and in the discussions to

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