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Business Divorce: How to Prepare for and Deal With It

Ah….February, the month for lovers and titans. This month includes Groundhog’s Day, the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day.  It is fitting that all three occur so close together.  Love, battle and repetition (think the movie not the actual mammal) all within 28 (although this year 29) brief days.  There is a theme within business law […]

California Dreamin is a nightmare
Business Organization, Disputes/Litigation

California Dreamin’ is really a Nightmare. Business Owners, wake up and come to Nevada!

I have written repeatedly of how hostile California has become to businesses.  Just this month, when you thought is couldn’t possibly get more onerous, California has yet again made it more challenging to operate a business.  The following is a simply a small sampling of what California is doing to businesses: ABC is NOT as

gender pay equity
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Nevada’s Enforcement of Gender Equity Pay with an Iron Fist

While it has been illegal on the federal level to discriminate against women in the workplace for decades, there remain questions and concerns about gender equity pay gaps.  In order to address that concern, the Nevada Legislature introduced and passed a law to impose severe and substantial sanctions against businesses who do not pay women

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