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Your obligations under the WARN

Your obligations under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN)

We are currently experiencing layoffs in proportions not seen in our lifetimes.  If you have more than 100 employees, you are required to comply with the WARN act.  There are exceptions – and those exceptions are likely satisfied during the current pandemic and containment measures imposed.  However, employers are still required to provide written notice

Social Media and Employment Discrimination

Social Media and Employment Discrimination

Many of you follow Gordon Law on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or other social media platforms.  For that I am extraordinarily grateful.  Do you follow your employees social media?  If you do, you should be aware of laws that affect your business in so doing. For a general overview of anti social media employment discrimination laws

drug test
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Employee Drug Tests & Protecting Your Business

Nevada has been at the forefront of laws permitting the sale and use of marijuana.  During this past Legislative Session, Nevada rushed past other states in prohibiting employers from disqualified prospective employees because of a failed drug test.  Many employers are now wondering what to do with their “zero tolerance” policies and how to ensure

gender pay equity
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Nevada’s Enforcement of Gender Equity Pay with an Iron Fist

While it has been illegal on the federal level to discriminate against women in the workplace for decades, there remain questions and concerns about gender equity pay gaps.  In order to address that concern, the Nevada Legislature introduced and passed a law to impose severe and substantial sanctions against businesses who do not pay women

business cathedral
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Does your business lay bricks or build cathedrals?

While I have had the privilege of representing a number of contractors, the above question is applicable for any business.  The difference between laying bricks and building cathedrals is minimal, but important.  For the bricklayer, the work is pragmatic. If, however, you are building a cathedral, there is vision to your work.  It is transformed


Letting your hair down in California (or another reason to move your business to Nevada)

California has, once again, made running a business more challenging.  Recently, California enacted a new law prohibiting race discrimination in employment based upon hairstyles.  Almost immediately after California, New York enacted similar legislation. Now California prohibits “Workplace dress code and grooming policies that prohibit natural hair, including afros, braids, twists, and locks, have a disparate

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