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business cathedral

Does your business lay bricks or build cathedrals?

business cathedral

While I have had the privilege of representing a number of contractors, the above question is applicable for any business.  The difference between laying bricks and building cathedrals is minimal, but important.  For the bricklayer, the work is pragmatic. If, however, you are building a cathedral, there is vision to your work.  It is transformed from menial to magnificent. Suddenly, the tools you use, are infused with passion and purpose.

The key difference between those businesses that thrive and those that survive is perspective.  If you view your business exclusively in economic terms, you may not see the full potential or impact of your efforts.  Your business drives the economy. It may employ people – thus enabling them to take care of their families.  The synergy your business can create with other businesses has ripple effects.

I would encourage you to look up from your task at hand and observe the cathedral you are building.

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