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Governor Sisolak Eases Restrictions with Directive 037

Governor Sisolak Eases Restrictions with Directive 037

Governor Sisolak has eased COVID related restrictions as of yesterday as part of his Directive 037 plan for reopening. Public gatherings and events will now have a maximum capacity of 100 persons, or 35% of fire code capacity. This is an increase from the previously required 25% of fire code capacity maximum. Reservations for restaurants are also no longer a requirement and beginning March 1st, local public health officials will be allowed to start granting large public gathering.

The next step in Directive 037 will begin March 15th and continue until May 1st allowing 50% of fire code capacity and gatherings of 250 people. This step returns the state to pre-pause levels. Non-essential businesses that require closer contact to individuals will remain under “strict Local Health Authority” and will have to be approved by the state. This includes businesses such as aesthetic services like spas, massage establishments, hair salons, and barbershops.

The final phase of Directive 037 will initiate on May 1st when mitigation management will be transferred to local authority. This will be the time when high-risk industries like nightclubs, day clubs, and brothels will reopen. Governor Sisolak stated in regards to this plan, “As we ease restrictions, we must follow the science and studies, which states clearly and repeatedly that closures to certain settings are more impactful in reducing disease transmission”. The governor finished by saying, “This effort to return to business as usual is “in the hands of every Nevadan”. If you have any further questions about what Directive 037 will mean for you and your business, please give me a call at 702.527.5557.

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