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Governor Sisolaks Vaccine Announcement

Governor Sisolak’s Vaccine Announcement

Yesterday, Governor Sisolak announced an exception to the mask requirement for large events that require all attendees be vaccinated. In order for an event to qualify for this exception, all of the following criteria must be met:

  • It is held at an indoor venue with fixed seating capacity of at least 4,000 people
  • The event is for a defined period of time
  • The event requires tickets or registration
  • The event is open only to those who hold tickets or registration
  • The event operator maintains access control that effectively prevents those without tickets or are otherwise unauthorized to attend from entering or attending the event
  • The event operator requires proof of at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination for every attendee at the event.

If an attendee is fully vaccinated and the waiting period after vaccination has occurred, the attendee may remove his or her mask.  If the attendee has had one does or the requisite waiting period has not elapsed, the attendee may still attend, but must wear a mask.

The Governor has specifically signaled that if this protocol is used by large event venues, it may be possible that it will be expanded to smaller venues or businesses.

The Las Vegas Raiders have adopted the Governor’s recent policy and will require proof of vaccination be shown to attend games.

We have discussed the possibility of private businesses limiting customers to those who provide proof of vaccination in earlier blogs.  To catch up on all the Covid vaccination guidelines and potential impacts to your business, visit our blog.

For the official Las Vegas Raiders statement, see below.

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