Gordon Law

Chairperson of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce

I Am Honored To Become Chairperson Of The Henderson Chamber Of Commerce

On July 1, 2021, I will have the distinct honor of becoming the Chairperson of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce.  As I look back on my journey with the Chamber, I am overwhelmed at the opportunities I have been afforded and the experiences I have enjoyed.

I joined in 2012.  At that time, I was advised to (a) ask to become a member of the Issues Committee and (b) apply for Leadership Henderson.  Although the Issues Committee has evolved significantly from its format in 2012, I knew from my very first meeting that serving in a role in the Chamber’s advocacy efforts would be the best way to contribute to the growing and vibrant organization.  I have served on the Issues Committee (advocating on federal and regional matters on behalf of the Chamber members) since 2012, including the privilege of being its Chairperson for several years.

I followed the second piece of advice with as much enthusiasm.  I interviewed and had the tremendous opportunity to enroll in the Leadership Henderson Class of 2013.  Through this renowned program, I learned more about the City of Henderson, its businesses, non-profits and community partners than I ever though possible.  Additionally, I became entrenched with some of the finest people in Southern Nevada.

I was able to further spread my advocacy reach commencing in 2013 when I was invited to serve on the Legislative Committee.  I have now served on this elite and impactful committee for five legislative sessions.  I have been the Chairperson since 2017.  The work this Committee does to advocate on behalf of the nearly 1800 Chamber members and the tens of thousands of employees of those members is, perhaps, the most rewarding work I have done within our community.  In this capacity, the Chamber expresses and influences policy that benefits the small business community which, of course, is the backbone of our economy.

Being able to Chair the Henderson Chamber as we regain normalcy after the pandemic will be a challenge, but I think the greatest opportunity.  Building our business community back and increasing its strength and vitality will be my primary focus.  To that end, during  my tenure, the Henderson Chamber will be relaunching the Henderson Business Resource Center – the oldest business incubator in the State of Nevada.  The Henderson Chamber of Commerce will continue its path of providing a pathway to affordable health insurance through its Association Health Plan.  The Chamber will continue to fortify its strategic partnerships with other stakeholders within the business community as well.

While the Henderson Chamber of Commerce has always provided great opportunities in marketing businesses and networking opportunities, I am most excited to further our advocacy on behalf of and with our members.  The Chamber’s footprint on local, regional, state and federal issues has grown so much since I first joined in 2012.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to assist the Chamber and its members in growing it even more.

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