Aviva Gordon has represented businesses throughout Nevada for more than 20 years in all aspects of strategic planning, transactions and litigation. Gordon Law will provide you with representation in all areas that affect your business:

Gordon Law can help you decide which business entity option best suits your needs, and will assist you with the formation of any business entity, including corporations and limited liability companies (LLC). Gordon Law will create vital documents such as Articles of Incorporation; Articles of Organization; Bylaws; Operating Agreements; and Shareholder Agreements specifically for your business, all of which can help protect you from future legal issues. Thereafter, Gordon Law will assist you in maintaining the entity in good standing with the Secretary of State.

Gordon Law will be by your side through the evolution of your business. We can assist you with the negotiation of lease and acquisition agreements; agreements to secure financing (through investors or lenders); purchase and sales agreements; or any other planning for the growth of your business.

Aviva Gordon has spent the past twenty years representing business clients before all of the Courts within the State of Nevada. With Gordon Law, you will know that you have an aggressive litigator who has both pursued and defended claims. Aviva Gordon has obtained multi-million dollar judgments and has successfully, repeatedly, argued before the Nevada Supreme Court. Her extensive litigation experience carries over to transactional law as well, providing a solid foundation for anticipating and resolving potential problems before they occur.

Gordon Law can assist you with human resources issues, including but not limited to: assisting with the drafting of an employee handbook; creation of employee agreements and covenants not to compete; and assisting you with any claims from employees (or former employees) over employment practices. Additionally, Gordon Law provides best practice employment training to help you avoid or minimize unforeseen pitfalls and challenges in this rapidly changing area.

As a business owner, it is likely that a significant portion of your wealth (and your family’s security) is intertwined with your business. It is vital that you protect the value you have created. You should at a minimum have a will. You will likely need a trust as well. In the creation of a trust, you will place your assets in the trust and the trust will then disburse them. The primary benefit is the ability to avoid the time and cost associated with probate. Probate is, essentially, a legal proceeding where you have to file a legal action to have the wishes outlined in your will effectuated.

Gordon Law can also assist you with a buy-sell agreement and a succession plan. Should you need to create an estate plan or want to have an existing plan reviewed, please contact us.

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