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At Gordon Law, we understand the importance of securing your future and protecting your loved ones. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through every step of the estate planning process with clarity, compassion, and expertise. Our path to Estate Planning is more unique than most.

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Our Journey Is Just Like Your Journey

I have practiced law for over thirty years. For the most part, my career focused on business owners and operators. I have represented businesses in all sectors you can imagine and even some you cannot imagine. I grew very close with many of my business clients and became an integral part of their respective businesses. Through my integration with my clients I recognized that their lives …the lives of their families…were intertwined with the business but that many of them did not have planning for the transitions that were bound to occur – the death or disability of the business owner. I then started having more deliberate conversations with those clients about both family business succession planning and more importantly, estate planning for their families.

In 2020, as COVID changed all of our lives, I broadened my scope to work with families that were not necessarily business owners. During that time, we all realized not just how fragile our lives were, but the importance of our families. When my father-in-law passed away in 2021, he was alone in a hospital because our family could not be there with him. His passing made me realize how important the intangible aspects of our legacies are. How much we want to ensure that our stories are told and how we want to care for not just the financial well-being of our loved ones, but their emotional well being. We want those we leave behind to tend to their grief rather than get caught up in searching for documents or accounts; disputing with one another over dollars; or having to deal with lawyers and courts.

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Because of this changing lens, Gordon Law built out a dedicated Estate Planning pathway. As a part of this, we take our clients by the hand in discussing their hopes, aspirations and fears. We put together plans – not just documents – that protect their decisions. Our service does not end when you walk away with your estate plan. Rather, just like with our business clients, we remain a part of your journey. As there are changes in your life – birth, marriage, death – we revise your plans to maintain your wishes.


Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

While Aviva Gordon has received recognition from a number of organizations, what is more important to us is to make a positive impact on our client’s lives and businesses. Find out why people highly recommend Gordon Law for business and estate planning legal services.

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How Are Gordon Law's Services Different?

We look at you as a person who wants to protect your legacy. In so doing, we explore with you all aspects of estate planning to avoid probate and ensure that your assets are safe. You can expect our estate planning services to include:

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Wills: A Will is a cornerstone of any estate plan. It allows you to specify your wishes regarding asset distribution and guardianship, ensuring that your loved ones are provided for according to your desires. For Gordon Law, Wills are just the beginning of our services. Generally, if you have only a Will and not a trust, your survivors will have to go through expensive, time-consuming probate proceedings.

Trusts: Establishing trusts can be a crucial component of your estate plan. Trusts offer flexibility and control over how your assets are distributed, providing peace of mind for you and your family. Generally, our trusts ensure the privacy of your wishes from public disclosure along with intentional thought to your family as well as asset protection. Our experienced team will assist you in setting up a trust tailored to your specific needs and goals, ensuring that your estate plan reflects your unique circumstances. We help to ensure that your retirement planning is complemented by your estate planning and trust funding.

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Powers of Attorney and Advance Healthcare Directives: Planning for incapacity is essential. Powers of attorney empower trusted individuals to make decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so yourself.

Asset Protection Strategies: Safeguarding your assets from potential threats is paramount. Our strategies for asset protection help shield your wealth from creditors and legal challenges.

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