“I have worked with Aviva for many years on a wide variety of legal issues. Aviva is the first person I call when legal challenges arise. She expertly navigates complex business matters, is always well-prepared, and pays close attention to details. As a litigator, Aviva is a fierce advocate. She has a passion for her work and her clients, combined with well-reasoned and thoroughly-researched legal positions. I always feel prepared and confident when she represents me in the courtroom.”

Curtis G. Swarts, CPA
Swarts & Swarts, CPA’S

“When starting a business you have a mixture of fear excitement and think of nothing more than how you are going to make this project work. You don’t really think of the bad things that might come out of working with others when making a dream a reality.
Like many, after the honeymoon you discover that people who you thought of as friends turn into embodiments of their worst qualities. You feel alone, betrayed, and scared that your dream is about to be shattered. When faced with this moment, one of the lowest in my life, we met Aviva Gordon.

Aviva met with us just to talk and to see if we would be a good fit for each other. She never pressured us, never made promises. During our conversation I felt supported, understood, and relieved. For the first time in weeks I did not feel like I was about to become ill. I was not just talking to a lawyer who was interested in my checking account; I was talking to a person who understood our issue, offered advice, and seemed to care about us. She was a rock who was giving us her wisdom on the law.

As we went through a very unpleasant law suit, Aviva made it better. She offered options, advice, and support, all done with personal care. She often told us not only the options but what they would cost and what the likely outcome would be. She easily could have let us go down a road that would have cost us more money than we had. Instead, she led us to a solution that worked. She was always quick to say, “Guys, this action will cost you too much in legal fees . . . not worth doing unless you just want to prove a point.” Aviva answered all of our questions. She never made us feel stupid or unimportant. She made us feel like family. When the other person’s attorney tried hard to take advantage of us, Aviva was a pit pull and made him follow the law.

I hope I will never need to enter a courtroom again. But If I do I hope I’ll have Aviva at my side. I recommend her to all my clients. There are some people who you hope you will not need their service, but if you have a legal matter Aviva is the best.”

Peter Jakubowski
Co-owner, Clay Arts Vegas, LLC

“R&O Construction has worked with Aviva Gordon, Attorney-at-Law, for the past two years. During that time we have found her to be exceptionally responsive, adept at problem solving and an individual who goes above and beyond for the client. Without Aviva’s professionalism and expertise, the outcome could have been very different. We are happy to recommend the services of Aviva to any client looking for an attorney with integrity, expert legal knowledge and ability, and one who will work to produce the utmost in positive resolution.”

Chet Opheikens
Vice President R&O Construction, Las Vegas

“Aviva did a franchise document review for my husband and me when we were exploring a retail franchise opportunity, and although I am well-versed in franchising, and have owned a franchise before, Aviva pointed out two items in the agreements that could have been potentially very limiting down the road. Aviva was able to take a 200+ page agreement and encapsulate our obligations, long term options and liabilities in different scenarios. We were able to take this information and negotiate some great terms and we had a much better understanding of our long term exit strategy and options. The franchisor said that one of the issues had never come up in over five years and greater than fifty franchisees, but they changed this item in their latest agreement due to this experience and tightened up the language, which will benefit future franchisees.

I tell my clients to invest in a professional business attorney like Aviva, and view it as an investment in their small business education. Having a legal partner in your sphere makes you a better business person and allows you to prioritize business opportunities, because legal issues are such a big part of any analysis.”

Sarah Brown
Franchise Consultant, Consultant, Local | Trusted | Franchise Expert

“Aviva has handled leases, the sale of our business, and everyday legal business concerns with extreme diligence. She ensures that her clients understand clearly what is happening and how decisions affect you and your business in the long term. Aviva conducts herself professionally, with extreme integrity, and works quickly. So thankful to have found her!

We have been so happy with the results and we feel 100% that she has our best interests as her first priority.”

Natalie and Rob Buckel
I Want My Two Dollars, LLC, DBA Jimmy John’s of Henderson